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Quite sure there will be a 19.1.10_1 which enalbes the upgrade.

Yep, correct. 1-2 hours after 19.7 announcement.


i'm having an issue after the upgrade to version 19.7.2 from 19.7.1.
The MAC address pass through no longer works. The MAC addresses are there in the captive portal but the client is still prompted to login via the portal page.

Secondly ...before the upgrade i noticed some vouchers and user account get a bad password error on some devices

@lmatturi would you be so kind to not spam our forum with the same question in different topics?

It's highly unlikely that a change from 19.7.1 to 19.7.2 resulted in different behaviour for captive portal, since this is the only change in that area:

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


@AdSchellevis ...sorry about the multiple post...was only frustrated. I was experiencing the bad password error on the captive portal before the upgrade to 19.7.2. Now after the upgrade the MAC address i had in the captive portal can't access the internet. What do you suggest i do?


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