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Hi there,

Some of the important milestones for us,  which were partly shipped in 19.1.x:

o List automatic firewall rules
o Statistics for all firewall rules
o Alias JSON import / export
o Optional statistics for aliases
o Firewall live log and automatic rule locator
o Rewritten gateway handling and switching
o Remote logging via Syslog-ng
o LDAP group sync support
o Support certificate signing requests
o Route-based IPsec support (VTI)
o XMLRPC sync support for alias, VHID, widgets
o Unbound host overrides alias support
o Parent web proxy support
o Web proxy login privilege via group
o Improved reliability and utility of opnsense-patch
o Web proxy and IPsec authentication using PAM
o Dpinger and DHCP servers ported to plugin framework
o Language updates for Chinese, Czech, Japanese, German, French, Russian and Portuguese
o Spanish as a new language
o Netdata, WireGuard, Maltrail plugin
o Netmap update for VirtIO, VLAN child and vmxnet support
o Bootstrap 3.4
o LibreSSL 2.9
o Unbound 1.9
o PHP 7.2
o Python 3.7
o Squid 4

Questions, thoughts? Things we've missed?

Best regards,


19.7 release date   ::)

Kind regards k0ns0l3

If only...



direct upgrade possible 19.1 => 19.7 ?

Kind regards k0ns0l3  8)


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