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Can a Users and Groups feature be implemented for device management or parental control features?  I would like to see a user creation section outside of Opnsense access to create accounts for my kids and assign their devices to them.  Then I could manage their access that way.  I would think it would also be for easier logging per user.  It's a feature that I really miss coming from just a regular Asus router

I developed such a feature but it's stale, see

In general it would work this way: an authenticator is running on the client which permanently authenticates the client, and the plugin adds the IP to dynamic aliases. This way you could add fully flexible source aliases for users and groups.

just so i'm clear...based off that, are you saying that each device would have to setup again?  I'm suggesting more along the lines of, they're already on the network, should be able to alias the device(s) to a user.


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