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Title: firewall (live) logs question/suggestion
Post by: ThuTex on October 08, 2018, 11:30:27 pm
a few (questions/suggestions/remarks) regarding the firewall and the log functionality:

1) is it possible to ignore an interface in the live log without disabling logging on it completely?
=> i have several rules applied to multiple interfaces through the floating ruleset, and there are a few vlans that i dont need in my live log, but where i dont want to make new rules just for those interfaces, to not overcomplicate rule management

2) in that same live log, would it be possible to add an icon for the direction, so we could see if it is coming into or going out of the interface without clicking on the info button?
=> i opened up issue #2804 for this and have a 'proof of concept' code there
EDIT: thanks to AdSchellevis this is now already available in the master, thanks!

3) another item i miss in the live log is the ability to let it resolve hostnames immediately, again having to use the info button to resolve hostnames... yet i thought that this was an existing option somewhere (long ago) in the past?
(there is issue #2287 for this, but i remember it being possible when we still had the 'normal' log, before the live log, or am i mistaken?)