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Title: Drop connections & throughput issue
Post by: keenenick on September 28, 2018, 10:59:38 am
Hi All,

I'm looking for some help with an issue that I have been having with dropped connections between two networks on different subnets.

I have Opnsense 18.7.4 on my site: LAN network

My sister nextdoor is connected using Ubiquiti nanobeams connected to an EdgerouterX:

My routes are setup correctly, I think, and the forewall on the edgerouter is disabled allowing all connections between the networks but not route to the internet (they have their own ISP)

The point of this link is to share IP camera feeds, storage points (backup etc) and media streaming without going over the WAN. I previously had an ipsec vpn between the two networks but the data usuage was getting out of control.

Now to the problem. The connection works between both sites, I can connect to any host on sisters side and vice versa. However, I stream any data either cameras or unbuffered media, I get massive throughput drops. The connections drop to 0kbps.

The cameras will dropout at random and out of sequence and, when doing a packet capture I get a great deal of duplicate acks but I am not clued up enough to know if thats the issue.

The ip cameras are what I'm using to test the through put and they are streaming over RTSP (554).

What I've done to test:

I initially thought it might be the nanobeams but I've ruled that out be doing iperf tests between two hosts directly connected to the nanobeams on each side. These tests work I get full 100mbps +-.

I tried different firewall distros (untangle, sophosxg, pfsense, opnsens) and the results are varied. On untangle and sophosxg, the connection is significantly more stable and the connect will last for anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes and will reconnect within a few seconds of it drops. On Opnsense and pfSense, the connection drops every 30 to 90 seconds and takes as long to re-establish.

I want to use Opnsense because it is the firewall that hits most of the boxes that are important to me (I often test the different distros out there for fun and profit). All the other distros and routers lack something that is very important to me.

The issue does seem to be more pronounced with the Opnsense/pfSense base firewalls.

If someone has any idea of what could be causing this issue or where to begin with more troubleshooting, I would greatly appreciate. I hope I've provided some useful info but I am happy to provide more if required.