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Title: MultiWAN and VPN: can't ping anymore after enabling MultiWAN...
Post by: Andy_Wismer on September 17, 2018, 06:59:14 pm

I have two OPNsenses setup for a client. One is Business, the other private at home.
There is a home NAS taking all data from the office as out of house Backup...

The VPN was working very well. The Internet wasn't quite as stable as the VPN, so we decided to use MultiWAN, especially as we had a "spare" Internet conecction paid for but "lying around" - no configured router or firewall.

MultiWAN is working very well now - just followed the instructions as per:

However, now I have the problem that the Home Site VPN works, anything in the office is ping- and reachable.
But from the office to home - nothing works. Pings and anything else land on the wrong gateway.

This is closely related to the DNS Routing / FW Entry mentionned in the HowTo.
I realize that some entry is needed for the VPN Traffic in the Firewall, but I can't quite figure out what exactly is needed...

I've included my firewall-ruless for the LAN Interface - I assume it's here I'm missing something...

Thanks for any ideas / tips