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Title: multiple internal domain names?
Post by: g4jc on September 15, 2018, 01:37:56 am
Hi, I'm using the acquisition of new hardware as an opportunity to migrate from pfSense to OpnSense. I have my new box working, but I'm struggling with internal domain names. My box has multiple internal interfaces, and I have totally separate LAN's configured on each: DMZ, guest, development, trusted, etc. Each LAN has totally separate IP addresses:,, etc.

The problem is I want a unique internal domain name on each LAN: MyName1.test, MyName2.test, Public_Domain.com (on the DMZ), etc. No matter what I try, DHCP assigns everything with the same domain name. Specifying a unique domain name in DHCP4 on each interface makes no difference. I've tried both DNSmasq and Unbound. While both have the option to override FQDN on specific IP addresses, that's not an acceptable solution. I want to decrease my administrative overhead, not increase it!

I found something on the web where DNSmasq could have a custom configuration like
but that doesn't seem to work.

Am I trying to do the impossible? Surely, I'm not the first one with this need. What's the trick?

Thank you!
Title: Re: multiple internal domain names?
Post by: gothbert on September 15, 2018, 02:20:42 pm

I have three internal LANs with different domain names. I configured the domain names under

Services | DHCP4 | [name of interface] | Domain name

The names for hosts with static IP addresses are resolved by unbound, with domain overrides set for the internal domain names.

This works for me.

Best regards,