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Title: RA shows as disabled... but it's still working?
Post by: eil on September 03, 2018, 03:26:15 pm
Hi all!

Long story short, I got tired of the firewall/router limitations of my overpriced ASUS wifi black box and bought an APU2 board and enclosure to run OPNSense on. Everything has been going great so far, so kudos to all who donate their time to this project.

I have a question, though. I have a pretty typical setup here, one WAN interface and one LAN interface. My ISP is comcast. Under Services -> Router Advertisements -> [LAN], the first select box labeled "Router Advertisements" has a value of "Disabled". This appears to be the default since I never touched this setting. However, IPv6 is working just fine on the LAN. radvd is running on the box and the contents of radvd.conf look accurate and sane.

Is this a UI bug, or am I not understanding what this RA service is for?

EDIT: Also, if it matters, DHCPv6 is not enabled on the LAN.