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Title: Hamachi through OPNsense
Post by: matthelm on July 04, 2018, 09:38:20 pm
First, I have search both here and on the net for a way to do this, and either I don't understand the answers, or can't figure out what to do (I'm a beginner!!!).

The current config. is 5 computers behind OPNsense and 2 separate and far away machines that I can't add a OPNsense routers to.  (and then use OpenVPN)  I have zero support on the other ends, so can't really change them.  Maybe someday in the far future ...

Currently all machines are running Hamachi (software VPN that I've used for ages), which allows me to transfer files encrypted between the machines.  But when I added the OPNsense router into the mix, I now go through a "Relayed Tunnel" which is slow and limits transferred bytes.

Can someone give me easy step by step instructions on how to fix this?  I would prefer a way to use all local machines to talk to the remote machines, but could live with just one on my end.