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Title: OPENVPN remove persist-tun or workaround
Post by: NewUser on July 02, 2018, 09:48:08 am
i' m new to opnsense. I have to make a proof of concept using this open source firewall system to create a openvpn server farm on multiple opnsense instances. The different opnsense instances have to redistribute the networks of the openvpn server peers into ospf. I have a problem on the deletion of the peer networks when a remote openvpn peer goes down. If i understand the functionality correctly, the parameter "persist-tun" prevent on peer disconnects changes to the routing table. My question is how can i remove the setting "persist-tun" from the config files in "/var/etc/openvpn/<openvpn-config-file>" or someone knows a better solution to handle the redistribution of the peer routes connected with the connection state of the openvpn peer.
Thank you very much