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Title: multicast forwarding (sonos) cross interface
Post by: J. Lambrecht on June 30, 2018, 09:03:13 am

My set-up is the latest production release of OpSense on a system with three network interfaces (WAN,Mobile,LAN)

While my entire Sonos setup is working fine as it is entirely connected to Mobile  i now seek to make connections to it from LAN. This uses ssdp which is a multicast based protocol over over port 1900/udp.

STATUS not working : traffic from Sonos Desktop does cross the interfaces but does not return

Validation i run a packet capture on the Mobile interface for " or" which is my Lan IP

As a "narrow it down approach" i've tried various settings. Now i have a rule on top of the rulebase permitting all address towards on both Mobile and Lan, for these rules i've also enable 'allow options' and enabled 'any flags'

In a desperate attempt i've even created src: any dst: for any protocol as well as src: dst: any for any protocol on both networks

Please comment or advise on what to search for. Multicast is a notable omission in any threat related to opnsense.

[update 10:22 CET 29/06/2018 ]

The Sonos App on a Microsoft System is sending SSDP ( to port 1900/udp but this does not cross the interfaces on the firewall (since multicast)

Installed the IGMP Proxy Service (mixed non-results thus far)

 Configured Mobile as Upstream as the Sonos Speakers are here as well as the Sonos Controller on a Tablet
 Configured LAN as Downstream as the Sonos Desktop Application is located here

 For each of the configured IGMP i have configured the relevant subnet and also added

Title: Re: multicast forwarding (sonos) cross interface
Post by: J. Lambrecht on July 14, 2018, 06:33:38 pm
still no luck

the igmp proxy did make a difference but it remains unclear why the speakers are not responding to discovery over multi-cast on port 1900/udp

despite a few packet capture i've not seen the speakers respond at this time