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Title: [18.1.6] No route for LAN clinents to the PPPOE interface
Post by: Machspeed on June 27, 2018, 07:11:02 pm

I've been using pfsense for several years and wanted to try opnsense. However, it seems that the latest relase 18.1.6 is not working by default for my configuration, which is pretty standard.
I'm booting from an usb stick, on a Celeron with 2 lan interfaces, one is WAN (eth0), the other is LAN(eth1) going to a switch.

After starting the nano release I configured the interfaces and set the default ip for the router on the lan
Then I launch the web interface and run the wizard, enable the DHCP LAN for the clients, configuring the pppoe link.
The dashboard shows both interfaces up and running, ping and traceroute from the opnsense on the pppoe interface is working.

However the lan clients don't get routed to the pppoe interface and the internet is inaccessible.

Seems to be related to this bug https://github.com/opnsense/core/issues/2186
which is closed right now but seems to be re-opened on the 18.1.6 build.

The routing table show the default route as 're0' under 'netif' when it should be pppoe, as far as I understand.