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Title: [solved] install freezes, locks up but liveUSB will work as normal
Post by: chilld0g on April 25, 2018, 10:44:58 pm
Just posting this for anyone else running into this issue trying to install a fresh OPNsense setup

Hardware is HP thinclient T610 with Intel Quad trying to fresh install OPN 18.latest

Device would boot and function normal on LiveUSB but after install unit would freeze at the

 acpi0 loading stage, not sure if it's related to the HPQOEM SILC-BPC or what (there is a acpi power setting you need to make sure it is disabled also but that's something else)

 verbose would get you to pcie memory mapped configuration base then it would be frozen requiring a hard reset

 did not dive too much into it, but the solution that worked was during setup the disk need's to be installed using MBR and not GPT/EFI after this the unit functions as expected