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Title: Help! Cannot access WebGUI and NAT reflection after setting up IPSec site to sit
Post by: steverino on April 25, 2018, 04:42:29 am
So, I followed a tutorial to enable IPsec tunneling between two of my sites (This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IdV4CgHo3w&feature=share (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IdV4CgHo3w&feature=share) is the actual tutorial, it's for PFsense, but the workflow is obviously very similar to the official OPNsense tutorial https://wiki.opnsense.org/manual/how-tos/ipsec-s2s.html (https://wiki.opnsense.org/manual/how-tos/ipsec-s2s.html)). The only new firewall rule I put into was for UDP to be passed from the specific hostname of the second site coming in to the WAN side (to be honest, only for port 500, I forgot to do 4500/hadn't gotten there yet). I put together the Phase 1 and Phase 2 stuff in IPsec, hit save and enabled the IPSec service. This is when WebGUI access on the LAN side quit.

Now, I cannot get to the WebGUI on the LAN side for either site, I can, however, use the WAN IP to get to the WebGUI. This is a problem for one of the sites because there are 80 and 443 port forward rules to a web server, which is why I need help.

And site to site isn't working either...but one problem at a time.

I don't understand what I did that would adjust the behavior of being able to access the WebGUI on the LAN side for both sites. I'm a little confused on what I can do to get WebGUI access behaving like it should.

I don't think SSH is enabled, but I have access to the physical machines so I could use shell.

Is there any way to disable IPsec from the command line so I can get back to testing/tweaking this setup?

Is there any specific reason that NAT reflection would suddenly become disabled once IPsec enabled (albeit incorrectly configured)?

Do you have any suggestions?