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Title: CARP DHCPD both secondary, no chance to force change
Post by: Toranaga on April 14, 2018, 12:33:00 pm

im am struggling how to force the first member of an opnSense-Cluster to be primary DHCP.

If I enter an Failover IP, the first machine will set secondary in the config. There is no difference if the second machine is up, down, dhcpd started or not.

If I remove the failover IP, the first machine is working as standalone.

How do I force to set primary in the config?
Do I oversee a button?
Is there an mayor issue in my setup? Which informations do you need to help?


I fixed it.
The problem was the NTP.

If I set the NTP uplink on both members to the same address, one opnSense did not get an uplink for time.
Therefore both DHCP switched to secondary.