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Title: Multiwan on same IP-adresses (multiple WiFi-hotspots) possible?
Post by: Frolleglse on April 10, 2018, 03:19:27 pm

I’m new new to Opnsense and I have got this task from the volunteer organization I'm involved in.
The idea is to use multiple Hot-spots like Android APs and use "balancing" to be able to live stream video in descent resolution during some events. On Android it's not possible to change the DHCP IP-range so all my WAN-interfaces has the same IP, netmask, gateway. I carefully followed the "Setup Multi WAN" found here: https://docs.opnsense.org/manual/how-tos/multiwan.html

I managed to bring up three USB Nic and connect to three different APs, receive IP via DHCP.

hotspot0 <--> WAN0 ( --I

hotspot1 <--> WAN1 ( --I-- Opnsense-box -I- Ethernet ( <--> Client.

hotspot2 <--> WAN2 ( --I

Should this setup be possible withe same IPs on alla WAN-interfaces?
Or am I struggling with with something impossible and the alternative would be to some how get HotSpots with different IP-ranges, or would different IPs be enough?

Title: Re: Multiwan on same IP-adresses (multiple WiFi-hotspots) possible?
Post by: Maurice on April 10, 2018, 10:24:17 pm
If it helps, you can configure the WAN interfaces statically. They would still all be in the same subnet and have the same gateway, but at least you could assign unique IP addresses.

Aside from the "same subnet on multiple WAN interfaces" issue (which might or might not work in a load balancer scenario, just try it): The load balancer can't spread one data stream over multiple WAN connections. So if the bandwidth required for a single video stream can't be handled by a single phone, the load balancer won't help. You would need a more sophisticated setup for that (multi-link tunnel). It only would make sense if you need to stream video from multiple cameras simultaneously. But then it might be easier to just give each camera its own phone / mobile hotspot / whatever.

Also keep in mind that all phones connected to the same cell tower share the available bandwidth. So all your SIM cards should be from different network operators!