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Title: Opnsense PlayStation NAT Type Issue
Post by: bigshorty on March 19, 2018, 04:31:59 pm
Hi All

Hoping any of you guys can help shed light on a NAT issue I'm having with my PlayStation consoles running through Opnsense.

I used to run Opnsense on my network, but had to revert back to pfSense as for some reason running Opnsense would set my PS consoles to NAT type 3, which would limit use of my PS consoles. By default PlayStation recommend NAT type 2, and this is easily achievable on pfSense by checking the following options in the UPnP & NAT-PMP Settings:

- Enable UPnP & NAT-PMP
- Allow UPnP Port Mapping
- Allow NAT-PMP Port Mapping

Selecting these options on pfSense gives my consoles the recommended NAT type (2) needed to perform all online functions, however selecting the same settings on Opnsense still makes the PS consoles connect with NAT type 3 and limits PS console use.

I'm probably missing something really basic, I'm not the most technically minded person, but I would be grateful if someone out there could point me in the right direction to make Opnsense allow NAT type 2 from my PS consoles.

Many thanks in advance
Title: Re: Opnsense PlayStation NAT Type Issue
Post by: rwtsk8 on March 21, 2018, 05:46:48 am
I just got this working tonight.  I am a router engineer by trade so I am much more comfortable working below layer 3 so forgive me if this breaks some best practice rules.

I installed the UPnP plugin (os-upnp),  enabled it in the new menu in the services tab, set a static on my PS, set a firewall rules for my LAN interface that allowed all ports with a source of my PS IP to all destinations other than my LAN address.  I am not really happy that it is wide open to my PS like that (why I currently have it where it cannot reach out to any other devices in my LAN) but it got "UPnP Available" and NAT type 2.

I fully intend to keep working and see if I can pin down some specific ports rather than fully exposed but it is working for now.
Title: Re: Opnsense PlayStation NAT Type Issue
Post by: Professor_Rat on March 22, 2018, 05:07:41 am
Hello guys I’m on version 18.1.4 (moving to 18.1.5) having a similar issue on Xbox and PC issues trying to use Xbox Live Services Strict NAT.
Managed to get My Xbox to Open with no UPNP and a static port rule under nat with a Static IP.
PC’s running Windows 10 (ew) Xbox app still busted on a Strict NAT and Server Status Blocked.
On Opensense fresh install with few rules as mentioned.
Looks like I will have to static and UPNP most my game consoles as my PS Switched to Nat Type 3 after I got my Xbox functional on its Nat. IP/Firewall in freeBSD type desto’s seem to love causing game issues it seems and wanted to know if you could help Sir. rwtsk8 like you were helping bigshorty. Link to my original post below if you have the time to glance it over.

I do work on Technology and am still trying to find my nitch in the job sector as I learned Networking/CISCO, Windows Desktop, and Windows Server; getting around usually is not a issue. But since moving off psSense it’s been a rocky road for my home network as I like to run custom gear and not off the self consumer stuff. Adding the above line to my existing post as well.

Title: Re: Opnsense PlayStation NAT Type Issue
Post by: ruggerio on March 26, 2018, 02:02:23 pm
Resolved for me.

I redirected the PS-Traffic via Squid, then it worked.