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Title: Really Odd Connectivity
Post by: Scoobydru on February 22, 2018, 09:45:04 pm
Right so first if this has already been addressed i'm sorry. Been racking my head for days reading forums etc.

So my setup is a windows 10 box connected to a virgin media fibre connection with ipv6.

Said machine is running various windows machines nt4, 2000 etc on VMware workstation.
All machines work fine when on Nat and bridged mode so I'm ruling out VMware.

When I fire up opnsense on VMware. It gets a ipv6 address on wan and a ipv4 from dhcp on router. Opnsense has static IP on wan and gives dhcp v4 and v6.

All other VMS seem to be picking up addresses from opnsense too!

What's the problem you ask?

As soon as opnsense is running my internet on host stops working. Like it's being routed through the fw. I've set up rules on fw to allow all communication and even switched it off just to get internet working.

Only way host gets connectivity back is when opnsense isn't running!

I can test the connectivity inside the vm's and they seem to work fine! Just not the host.

I'm trying essentially to RDP into the host when I want to and then also ideally have opnsense forward traffic to specific vm's as well via opnsense and hurricane electric DNS.

Am I flogging a dead horse here or can someone shed some light on this for me please?

Many thanks

Title: Re: Really Odd Connectivity
Post by: Scoobydru on February 23, 2018, 04:43:55 pm

Turning off the DNS-Resolver in Unbound DNS seems to have fixed the connectivity with the HOST internet connection.

Still having issues with pinging IPV6.GOOGLE.COM in the diag console but sure thats been addressed somewhere.