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Title: pending "apply changes" indicator
Post by: katamadone [CH] on February 09, 2018, 04:20:08 pm
not really related to 18.x

Personally I'll often do some stuff like create alias, create corresponding rule , new alias, new rule, switch back and forth..until I created the whole stuff for a new machine or net.
Then it would be extremely useful, when on the dashboard or next to the hostname, or anywhere up in the "page-head" could be an indicator if I applied every change (rule, alias) which are independent. Like a general "you forgot something"   ::)
Title: Re: pending "apply changes" indicator
Post by: franco on February 12, 2018, 11:09:23 pm
I agree, although getting there is not the lightest task. Someone mentioned the Cron page as an example:


Some people miss the apply and we should make it more prominent (and persist on page reload). That requires a bit of tinkering to enable for MVC pages themselves, reiterate through all pages using it and then starting to pull that info into other pages (or the dashboard at least).

Feedback welcome, it helps move work along. :)

Title: Re: pending "apply changes" indicator
Post by: katamadone [CH] on February 22, 2018, 11:19:06 am
I had the feeling that it will not be a simple task. In most cases I've got the problem because I've done something like that multiple times:

-Added a vlan to an interface (on 2 devices)
-Assign the the interface (on 2 devices)
-Configure the interface  (on 2 devices)
-configure an CARP address
-Configure DHCP
-Configure alias for a host group in that new network
-add firewall rules

and at some point in this process I forget to press apply.

I had something in mind on each process which needs I'll have something like a marker such like:
and as long on any of it is a "true" a red marker in the header is visible "you forgot to apply"  :-[
I know that in this case I don't see where I forgot to apply. But at least I know, I did forgot something.