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Title: Oddity with vpn and default LAN subnet
Post by: xayide on February 01, 2018, 09:04:19 pm
I have LAN subnet of and it seems to collide with which is transfer network of VPN from the vpn-provider before it reaches internet. When looking in firewall log it thinks the stuff coming in from openvpn on 10.129.*.* is coming in on LAN. Any ideas?

Here is status of routes...
ipv4   link#1   UHS   0   16384   lo0       
ipv4   UGS   0   1500   ovpnc2   OVPN_DHCP   
ipv4   link#9   UH   0   1500   ovpnc2   OVPN_DHCP   
ipv4   link#9   UHS   0   16384   lo0       

And here is example log of icoming connection from internet via OpenVPN
lan   Feb 1 21:16:34   tcp   let out anything from firewall host itself