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Title: 17.7.11 not working on VMs
Post by: SecAficionado on December 29, 2017, 05:26:49 am

As the subject says, I cannot get OPNsense to work on VirtualBox VMs since the update to 17.7.11. I usually upgrade on a VM first to test a few things before doing the real upgrade in my network, but the latest upgrade killed my VMs. They do not connect or have connectivity problems and any other VMs behind the firewall are left without internet service. They can connect to the firewall itself and manage it, but cannot see the outside world.

I tried in a Windows 10 Host, VirtualBox 5.1.30 and a Mac OS High Sierra, VirtualBox 5.2.2. In the Windows host I can get connectivity from the firewall VM, ping external hosts and so on, but the clients are cut off. In the Mac, the WAN interface does not work well. There is no IPv4 address, only IPv6, and all the VMs are left without internet access.

I will be happy to provide diagnostic info, just let me know where to start.

Title: Re: 17.7.11 not working on VMs
Post by: SecAficionado on January 15, 2018, 09:56:45 pm
Update: I am not sure this is an indicator of a problem or a misconfiguration, but after installing opnsense in the VM, I log in and do a factory reset, which fixes the problem. I can reconfigure everything as originally set, but it works this time.

More info in case anyone is interested in replicating the issue later on.

I create two VMs, one with opnsense and the other one with Linux or Windows. The opnsense VM has two NICs, one connected to NAT, configured as the WAN interface, and another NIC connected to 'Internal Network'. The latter NIC is configured as LAN.

The second VM has only one NIC, connected to 'Internal Network' (with the same name as the NIC above), so all its traffic goes through the opnsense VM. I configure and manage the opnsense VM from the second VM, using a browser.