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Title: Some Interfaces not responding, General question regarding logging & debugging
Post by: Wayne Train on November 23, 2017, 11:54:35 am

I'm experiencing the following issue: My FW is up and the cluster nodes can see each other. Wenn for example I ping which is node1s IP, i get no icmp reply, although the interface is up within the GUI and on the CLI. Furthermore the interface resides on a lag, that carries another 5 vlan interfaces. I can ping some of them, others not.

Since this seems to happen only on my master FW I think it might be something hardware related. I went to the logs in the GUI, but I wasn't able to find anything explaining the baviour.

Does anyone have some tips on how I can dig a little deeper on the CLI ? Since I'm a linux guy and not familiar with BSD, I just found the logs under /var/log/ but there is nothing that helps me in this case.

"dmesg" is not showing anything explaining this behaviour.

It would be nice if someone has some good advice on how to debug things like that.

Thank you.