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Title: BUG : LetUsEncrypt Certificate Import
Post by: bigops on November 17, 2017, 05:25:25 am
Looks like there is a bug in when using LetUSEncrypt certificate in the default image of 17.7.5, when bringing up a new system and trying to import and existing certificate.  The certificate install goes successfully and the certificates can now be seen inside Trust.  Post that if the WebGUI certificate is changed to the imported certificate the GUI is no longer accessible and the only option seems to be to re-install. 
This does not happen if OPNSense is upgraded to 17.7.7 and then the certificate is imported.  In this scenario everything works as expected. 
Once the GUI remains inaccessible even after upgrading to 17.7.7 via SSH/Console.  If networks settings are reset and the web protocol is changed to HTTP then the GUI becomes accessible again, but when it is changed to HTTPS the GUI goes offline.  There is only the issue with the GUI as all other functions remain operative.   This is reproducible always and the team had to reinstall more than 20 boxes before we were able to figure out what was going on.
Thought maybe this might be useful for someone else.