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Title: Suricata on LAGG/VLAN/OpenVPN Setup
Post by: NilsS on September 24, 2017, 11:05:07 am
I have a setup with 2 Realtek NICs that are bundled to lagg0 and used with VLANs for all traffic WAN and several internal VLANs. Additionally i route my traffic over an AIRVPN gateway group.

I would like suricata blocking bad traffic.

IPS seems to be not supported, i used pfsense before with that
lazy block list


Is this possible to implement on opnsense.

I  tried with all kind of setups for the interface WAN/VPN but also the lagg interface, with or without promiscous mode. But i can only get a few stream rules show up in the alert tab even if trigger the rules with bad traffic.

Its only for a home use, so power consumption is a high priority. Using bigger hardware with intel nics is not a solution.