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Title: Multicast routing between VLANs / IGMP proxy
Post by: ralph on September 12, 2017, 08:26:54 pm

I did search Google and also this forum intensively, but unfortunately I couldn't figure out why I cannot forward multicast messages between VLANs.

My current setup consists of several VLANs used by different groups of devices. E.g. VLAN2 ( is for smart home appliances (light bulbs, washing machine, ....), VLAN3 ( is for multimedia appliances like Sonos or AndroidTV, and VLAN5 ( is for "trusted" clients like family phones and PCs.

Now I managed to enable Sonos devices (VLAN2) being discoverable by trusted clients (VLAN5) by setting up the IGMP proxy service. I defined VLAN5 as upstream with netmask ,VLAN3 as downstream with netmask I also opened up UDP port 1900-1905 and TCP 3500 (Android) 3400 (PC) in VLAN3. VLAN5  has full inter-vlan routing privileges (i.e. pass IP4* With this settings in place, I can control my sonos with all my devices although they are in different VLANS. ll is good and Robbert is your fathers brother.

But, since a few days, we have one of those Siemens HomeConnect washing machines at home, which I added to VLAN2 ( I found out already that HomeConnect uses to multicast its devices, and thus I need to proxy this multicasts to VLAN5. If I add VLAN2 with netmask to the IGMP proxy service and enable connections for the washing machine ( in both ways on all ports (although I know that it only uses port 80), my phone in VLAN5 fails to recognize it.

Now, can anyone provide me a tip or point me in the right direction to solve my problem?
What I want to basically achieve is that devices in VLAN2 and VLAN3 can only be discovered in VLAN5.

My hardware setup is like this:
MODEM -> OPNsense (spawning the VLANS) -> Netgear smart switch (24 ports) -> Netgear smart switch (8 ports) -> Unifi AP

I'll be happy to provide any additional information one might need to help me solving this issue.

Thanks for your time, your help is very much appreciated.