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Title: feature request : Traffic Shaping Wizard
Post by: Charles Bueche on September 03, 2017, 03:16:48 pm
Dear members, dear developers,

I have been a long-term user of PFsense. I migrated to OPNsense (on a PC engine board). I'm happy with its quality and features, BTW thanks for your work !!!

I use it for my home connection: wired and wireless devices, VoIP against a public server, 2 kids gaming. Usual suspects like a small home Nextcloud instance, surfing, email clients, etc. Wireless done by Ubiquity AP's.

PFsense had a wizard that made it easy to create a QoS configuration. I miss an equivalent feature in OPNsense. I read the doc, but it looks like a round of trial and errors to get things going. It would be so nice to have some pre-defined templates to start with, and then adapt them to add stuff.

Hints welcome !
Title: Re: feature request : Traffic Shaping Wizard
Post by: franco on September 03, 2017, 08:19:37 pm
Hi Charles,

Welcome! :)

The shaper we have is a full redo of the pfSense limiter principle underneath a fancy web framework, so the missing wizard for the shaper is a natural progression -- it was impossible to fully emulate in the new frontend *and* backend.

The old wizard itself is going away bit by bit as most of the static PHP pages are.

One of the ideas was to add a new form in the shaper where a setup scenario could be selected, then some essential fields for setup (interface, bandwidth, etc.) and it creates all required pipes/queues/rules, but as you can see that hasn't been done yet.

Some more discussion on GitHub in a related entry, but this time for VLAN to illustrate the current ideas:


Hope that helps a tiny bit. Pushing for ideas and solutions is always helpful, plus the occasional prodding to see them through. Some things take time, but some progress is there all the time.


PS: It's best to record requests on GitHub as well: