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Title: Moving from m0n0wall to Opnsense
Post by: erialor on February 16, 2015, 07:11:38 pm

The m0n0wall-project has come to an end and Opnsense was mentioned as an alternative.
I'm in the process of installing Opnsense on a spare PCEngines APU1D4 (1GHz dual-core amd64, 4GB RAM) but I think I might need some help transitioning my m0n0wall-configuration to Opnsense.

Is there any how-to for bridging interfaces?
ie. I'm trying to get re0 and re1 (and later wlan0) bridged - have a network running on them and they should respond to

Also, any how-to to setup a he.net IPv6-tunnel?

Alternatively a script to simply convert an exported m0n0wall-config ;)

The installation went smoothly with the OPNsense-15.1.5-memstick-serial-amd64, transfered to an USB installed to mSata - thumbs up :D
Title: Re: Moving from m0n0wall to Opnsense
Post by: franco on February 22, 2015, 09:06:12 am
Hi there,

thanks, glad to hear the initial setup went fine. :)

The pfSense guide is really good reference: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Interface_Bridges

Hopefully somebody else can step in and help with he.net IPv6 setup.

Yes, a m0n0wall importer is something we have been discussing. It'll take a while to materialise, but what we want to do is pick up all the m0n0wall config migration code and then write an importer based on the latest m0n0wall version. This will be a long work in progress as we need to add support feature by feature following the long drift of config handling between us and m0n0wall. Any help here is highly appreciated.