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Title: Question about OpenVPN
Post by: PotatoCarl on August 04, 2017, 12:36:07 pm

I have currently the following setup:

Wan 1: DSL Modem -> OPNSense
Wan 2: FritzBox 7490 -> OPNSense

The FritzBox is working as Router and VOIP/ISDN generator.

On the OPNSense an OpenVPN is running on WAN1.
I wish to extend this to WAN2 [and unfortunately we have to switch to VOIP for WAN1, too, so there will be another FritBox soon instead of the DSL Modem].

However, when I try to install a separate OpenVPN server for the WAN2, I cannot connect (time out). I forward the OpenVPN UDP Port (1194) to the OPNSense, and I use the WAN2 gateway in the OpenVPN Server.

If I add another client with either the OPNSense Adrress on the FritzBox Network or the ouside world IP, I still cannot connect.

I am not sure what the problem is here.

Exposing the OPNSense completely via the Fritzbox did not work either.

Any ideas where my mistake may be? I assume I tell the OpenVPN the wrong local address, but I believe I tried many different combinations.

Thanks for the help.