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Title: more aggressive traffic shaping?
Post by: Dylsic on July 03, 2017, 06:51:04 am
G'day, ladies and gentlemen.

Over the weekend I migrated from pfSense over to OPNsense. Wanted to try something new, and a welcome bonus is that for some reason OPNsense is able to get ~3.6% more speed out of my connection while using the exact same hardware. Got everything working as it was with pfSense and am putting the finishing touches on the traffic shaper.

While the traffic shaper is working fine so far, I think it could do its job more aggressively though. I have one connection through which the bulk of my downloads are coming in. That connection is throttled down whenever another connection requires the bandwidth, but it only throttles down to about 20% of my line's maximum although other connections would be able to completely fill my line. I verified that by pausing my bulk downloads manually, and lo and behold, the other applications were downloading at maximum line speed. With pfSense's HFSC based shaper I was able to force the bulk downloads down to almost zero.

Is there a way to replicate that behavior in OPNsense?

Nevermind, problem sorted itself out.