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Title: OPNSense 17.1.8 - DHCP Relay
Post by: cory1768 on June 16, 2017, 02:49:01 pm
I recently updated last night and come to find out clients were failing to join the wireless network. After much digging I found in the firewall where DHCP requests were being blocked. The interesting thing was there was no change to my firewall rules between VLANS. After about an hour of digging, I eventually restarted the DHCP relay service, and suddenly everything was fixed.

So the point of this post is to hopefully save someone else time if they use multiple VLANs and use the DHCP relay service. If you experience any issues try restarting the service.

I feel bad as I was unable to get a log file for this and didn't think of it until I couldn't go back far enough. I just hope someone finds this useful.