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Title: IPTV & VLAN & bridge?
Post by: skywalker007 on June 12, 2017, 10:45:53 am

I need someone who could brainstorm an idea with me.
I have recently applied for DT Entertain TV (IPTV in Germany) and realised that this is not as easy in my network as I thought. I run a Fritzbox as DSL modem/router and OPNsense as a firewall behind it.
The LAN itself is on a managed Unifi switch.
Trying to get the IPTV across the OPNsense using the IGMPproxy didn't really bring the desired results (stream is jerky and breaks).
Here is my idea, can I do the following?

Define a VLAN 2 on LAN for the mediareceiver.
Bridge WAN to VLAN2 to circumvent the firewall for the mediareceiver.
So all other traffic is firewalled, only the mediareceiver is bridged to WAN. Is that possible?

Unfortunately I cannot directly plug the mediareceiver into the fritzbox for physical reasons.

thanks for feedback, Till