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Title: Unbound + DHCP + Subdomains
Post by: nlaird80 on May 25, 2017, 08:58:07 pm
I cannot seem to determine if DHCP and Unbound can be setup to behave like I would prefer.

I have the OPN system on the domain arl.lab.xyz with hostname opnsense.
I have the LAN DHCP server setup to provide the domain lan.arl.lab.xyz
I have another interface called DEV setup to provide the domain dev.arl.lab.xyz
Both are different interfaces to different networks with different subnets naturally.

When I query DNS I can ask for opnsense.arl.lab.xyz no problem.
I have a client (client1) on the lan interface, so it's DHCP lease says it's client1.lan.arl.lab.xyz HOWEVER when I query DNS, this is invalid. It appears to be setting them as client1.arl.lab.xyz and ignoring the subdomain used in the DHCP server.

Is this a bug in the DHCP server setting values in unbound? All leases on all interfaces just get assigned to the domain of the system itself.