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Title: [17.1.7] Minor upgrade issues from 17.1.6
Post by: Taomyn on May 18, 2017, 06:49:29 pm

I upgraded from 17.1.6-amd64 to 17.1.7 via the console option the following happened:

1. The upgrade could not reboot as it was waiting for a process, which when I killed simply killed my external connection. The process was "haproxy". When I arrived home I was unable to ssh to the box, my password was refused, used the console directly, root/no password and issued  a "reboot".

2. During the restart haproxy complained about not being able to start 4 different dhcp services. See the attached screenshot. My root password was then accepted by ssh again.

I'm going to be away for the next 5 days, so unless it's a basic question there's not much more I can do until I get back, but I thought I should report my experiences anyway.
Title: Re: [17.1.7] Minor upgrade issues from 17.1.6
Post by: franco on May 18, 2017, 07:12:59 pm
Hi Taomyn,

Thanks for the detailed description.

1) This can happen when the process hangs like you described and the system is unable to kill it at all and stops the reboot. You say a simple reboot fixed this? And since we've updated the OS the SSH login can stop working for user passwords at least as these files get overwritten and only reset after reboot. So the reboot is really mandatory as advertised by the update tool.

2) It's easy to explain why this happens as we added a better awareness for FreeBSD services in the background that users can install, but it would also indicate you have a few variables set in rc.conf or rc.conf.local that could cause this? In the case of these 4 services none of those are started from that point anyway.

This can wait -- we should at least track down why it wants to start these services it shouldn't know about and maybe make the system GUI aware of a pending reboot that didn't happen?