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Title: Static DHCP and MAC address filtering
Post by: iapar on March 23, 2017, 08:20:45 pm
I just installed opnsense a few days back. I love the UI.

I am using Tomato router and have changed to access point only and want things to be handled by opnsense but am not sure if these features that I need are available and can be done. I just dont know where and how.

Features that I was using/need

1- Mac based filtering/firewall
2- static DHCP leases for some clients
3- overall opendns setup on opnsense and dhcp but some clients need to be setup with google dns. DNS assignment based on static DHCP leases. tomato uses dnsmasq and it was done easily through console/ssh but I want that handled by opnsense and leave the router for wifi connections and LAN access.
4- Time restrictions for Internet access to some devices

Is 1) MAC based filtering/firewall doable now ? I see this request being asked on pfsense like 10 years ago and in this time and specially with opnsense is there any progress ? I know about opnsense being layer 3 firewall but it already has MAC address assignments so I do not want to get into that discussion. I need to know if I can add this feature even if that means adding those rule manually in console/ssh

#3) and #4) I dont know how to do it. There is nothing in static DHCP lease page or I didnt find it. I want to assign some devices/clients google dns where as all other devices need to get opendns. Some devices need to have internet access time.

I still also want to allow google dns to be used by devices with static IP addresses on the network so do not want to default block rule. If this can be done through firewall rule I am ok with that just to redirect some MACs to google dns instead of opnsense (which is set to opendns). I am also ok if this can be done by manually adding MACs to dnsmasq config (if it uses that at all ?)

How do I do this in opnsense?

Title: Re: Static DHCP and MAC address filtering
Post by: iapar on March 24, 2017, 06:30:48 pm
wow ! that was encouraging.

this product cant do dhcp in that manner nor can it do filtering ?

anyone ?