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Title: Bug in openvpn routes?
Post by: mgiammarco on March 17, 2017, 07:47:06 pm
I have a big openvpn installation with a star scheme. In the middle of the star there is an OPNsense firewall that I have just updated to latest version.

Then I have several clients: some mikrotiks, some pfsense and some windows notebooks with official openvpn client.

Basically a strange things happens: from a pc in client network I cannot ping a pc in the OPNsense network. From OPNsense network I can ping pc networks.

I suppose that it is a bug because if I reboot OPNSense all things start to work for a bit. And the configuration several month ago  worked well (using 15.7) then stopped working (with 15.7) and updating to 17.1 did not solve it.

Thanks in advance for any help!