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Title: Traffic Shaper Rules Question
Post by: guest15389 on March 03, 2017, 03:18:13 pm
I'm trying to make sure I'm fully understand the traffic shaper config via ipfw.

My config has been tweaked a bit but I basically run a 300/300 Upload/Download pipe.

I have 3 queues setup for Upload/Down respectively High/Default/Low with weights of 100/50/25 respectively.

When I was just setting up one pipe, I could only get 300 Mbs total go up and down. I switched to an Upload/Download pipe to make sure I could get each one separate.

So my question was from a rules perspective, I run a plex media server.

My one rule is such that Internet users (friends) will connect to me via tcp port 32400.
I want any other plex traffic to be weighted "Low".

So my confusion was: Do I need 2 rules per 'scenario' like this?


I was trying to make sure the traffic coming to 32400 hits my "High" Queue.
I was trying to make sure all other traffic hits my "Low" queue.

I can see via my ipfw list that it appears all the traffic is hitting the rules as I expect:

Code: [Select]
60012   12    3372 queue 10004 tcp from any to dst-port 32400 via em0
60013   10    6780 queue 10000 tcp from 32400 to any via em0
60014 1746 1815132 queue 10002 ip from to any via em0
60015 1673  503252 queue 10002 ip from any to via em0

Are my assumptions and config correct or is this a better/easier to way to it?