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Title: OPNsense equivalent of pfSense PHP Shell Script?
Post by: andi on February 24, 2017, 05:58:20 pm
Dear all!

I am trying to access the following functionality right now and then to use CRON to poll in intervals of 5-20s:

- monitor CARP status (I can do that with BSD shell script and ifconfig)
- check if WAN is enabled or disabled (there is a PPPoE on WAN)
- enable or disable WAN (and dependent PPPoE connection), based on CARP status
- (in case this is needed) make interfaces aware that their status was changed

I am struggling with the pfSense documentation of this, already waded through the GIT sources.

I only just started with OPNsense (I hope you do not mind, I just use the tool that does the job) and think I cannot expect better documentation, but perhaps better pointers at what to do in this forum.

You might already guess it.. the result should be a PPPoE-CARP-like setup, just without HA, but also with (slower but automatic) failover on the WAN, where the CARP Backup automatically stats or stops its PPPoE connection when it becomes Master.

(Also: for both pfSense and OPNsense, the Dial-on-Demand option on the PPPoE connection is just not doing anything - or I have failed to block some traffic, but believe me, I have blocked everything at least by firewall rules apart from the anti-lockout-rule. If it was working, it should also do exactly what I am looking for.)