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Title: Tooltip text for icons and other "issues" to Captive Portal area
Post by: the-mk on February 12, 2017, 04:35:09 pm
Hi there,

today I was playing around with the Captive Portal and would like to share some feedback regarding it.

I noticed that the command icons do not have a tooltip text while a lot of other command icons in other areas (firewall, etc) do have them.
In the "Session" area as well as in the "Voucher" area, what is the usage of the checkbox in front? There are no common icons to use if I'd like to select more sessions. If I'd like to terminate all open sessions, I have to do it one by one... it would be useful to have common command icons to use for the selected items.

That would be a great minor improvement to Captive portal in the next updates!

Thank you!