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Title: 17.1 Migration Notes and Help
Post by: franco on February 02, 2017, 11:01:25 pm
Hi all,

We're putting together this thread with the initial migration notes and updates / workarounds for known problems.

Please keep in mind that changing from a major OS version to another that we do not maintain ourselves is challenging and has occasional surprises in the world of networking. We are in this just as much as you, so let's get through this together. :)

o The integrated authentication framework is now used as a system-wide default including login(1), su(1) and sudo(8).  This means that e.g. when 2FA is enabled for the GUI it will be used for low-level password prompts as well and plain passwords are disabled by default.  If this behaviour is undesired, set the "Disable integrated authentication" option under System: Settings: Administration.

o Disabled Gateway entries are now always honoured instead of being set up as a default gateway.

o The console settings received a non-backwards compatible change.  If the VGA console is not working, simply reconfigure it from System: Settings: Administration as it was likely set to "Serial" due to a wrong GUI default.

o FreeBSD 11.0 switched to the vt(4) console driver, but we are keeping sc(4) as the default.  You can change this after installation by enabling the virtual terminal driver under System: Settings: Administration.

o EFI boots may not yield a console anymore, the setting for VGA is wrong now and should be switched to "EFI" under System: Settings: Administration.

o The access privileges for "Lobby: Login / Logout / Dashboard" and "Diagnostics: Backup / Restore" have been remapped internally and need to be reapplied when they have been assigned explicitly.

o The inherited 6rd kernel patches are not included in standard FreeBSD 11.0. The state of 6rd is possibly broken.  We ask for volunteers to pick up the work if 6rd is still a requirement, as we do not have access to such setups.
o Fundamental WiFi stack changes in FreeBSD 11.0 could still affect overall operability.  Please let us know about these right away.

o The following services moved to individual plugins and need to be reinstalled in order to be used: SNMP, Load Balancer, Wake on LAN, Universal Plug and Play, IGMP Proxy.  Their respective configurations will be preserved by the system even if these plugins are not installed.

o The Intel e1000 driver plugin has been removed due to an incompatibility with FreeBSD 11.0.  All previously known bugs of the FreeBSD 11.0 e1000 driver have been fixed in OPNsense 17.1 and reported to FreeBSD.

Franco on behalf of the OPNsense team
Title: Re: 17.1 Migration Notes and Help
Post by: greyh0und on May 01, 2017, 10:05:33 pm

Is there a workaround for the intel pro network card? It drops traffic? Replace card with another vendor?

Thanks for the great work with this system.