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Title: DNS Resolver service unable to start
Post by: Markus700 on January 27, 2017, 04:03:53 pm
Hello Friends,

i had the DNS Resolver unbound running for a few days uptime. Suddenly it stopped working. I noticed the service stopped and i was unable to restart it. Tried VM restart and Host restart all without success. DNS forwarder works fine. I have not been able to find anything in the system log. Is there any place else i could find information to provide to you?
Title: Re: DNS Resolver service unable to start
Post by: Markus700 on January 29, 2017, 02:48:33 pm
I have been able to restart the service. But once i enable the option "Register DHCP leases in the DNS Resolver" the service fails. Restart is possible after deactivating the option.
Title: Re: unbound won't start after 17.1.1 update
Post by: alphazo on February 18, 2017, 04:06:21 pm
I'm running the LibreSSL variant of Opnsense. The version 17.1 was running just fine but after upgrading to 17.1.1 I couldn't start unbound anymore.
The only workaround was the one mentionned in this thread and which is disabling "Register DHCP leases in the DNS Resolver".

For information here are the other options enabled on my configuration:

System: Settings: General
- DNS servers: two external DNS servers are indicated   
- DNS server options: 
[ ] Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN
[ ] Do not use the DNS Forwarder/Resolver as a DNS server for the firewall
Services: DNS Resolver: General
- Enable:   [X]  Enable DNS Resolver
- Network Interfaces: LAN
- DNSSEC    [X] Enable DNSSEC Support
- DNS Query Forwarding    [X] Enable Forwarding Mode
- DHCP Registration [X working on 17.1] Register DHCP leases in the DNS Resolver
- DHCP Domain Override [ ]
- Static DHCP [X] Register DHCP static mappings in the DNS Resolver
- TXT Comment Support [ ]

Is this a know issue?

Title: Re: DNS Resolver service unable to start
Post by: Noctur on February 19, 2017, 04:00:50 pm
Check in the forum... there is an updated unbound resolver available for testing that resolves a few issues. Not sure if the solutions are related to your problems.

Unbound 1.6 came out a while ago but we've been holding it back to not introduce uncontrolled regressions into the 17.1 release so far. Local tests have been successful and we're targeting inclusion in 17.1.2 now.

Here are the release notes:


Install 1.6 via:

# pkg add -Af https://pkg.opnsense.org/snapshots/unbound-1.6.0_1.txz

Revert to 1.5.10 via:

# opnsense-revert unbound

A restart of the service is necessary.

Thank you Franco!