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Title: MULTI-WAN dest adresses in FW,NAT (double entries needed?)
Post by: maweber on January 23, 2017, 09:33:17 pm
Hi all
I noticed it is needed to also define WAN interface-addresses, if there should be NAT traffic from WAN into DMZ for example. (I didn't know it would affect WAN OUT directions too if I only put the WAN interface, without the WAN-dest-address).

My situation is that I have a WAN pool with 2 GWs.
But when trying to setup NAT for both GW i therefore need to DOUBLE every entry in FW/NAT (each with the intf-address of the corresponding WAN port).

Is there a way to substitute all WAN interface-addresses?
Would "this Firewall" be a safe choice? I'm not sure of this term.

Thank you