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Title: Tinc: important features request
Post by: DoubleJ on December 28, 2016, 07:34:38 am

I did some testing to set up Tinc mesh VPN, however I'm missing some basic features in the GUI:
Most important one:
- I have nodes with dynamic IP's. I believe Tinc can work with dynamic DNS names, however the OPNSense GUI doesn't seem to accept DNS names. Please make it possible to either fill in an IP or a DNS name.
Other ones:
- option to select the mode: router | switch | hub
- option to set ping time out (on poor speed connection I got "time out during authentication" errors.
- option to set custom port number

- feature add static routes to up/down scripts? This may be not be the right place to put the static routes, since OPNSense has a specific section for static routes, however - and I believe this is not solely a problem related to Tinc, but also to openvpn connection - I would like to influence the static routes in case a connection goes down/breaks (split-tunnel routing enable/disable); I know that this normally may be done by adding two static routes for the same destination, but via different gateways and putting a weight on the routes, but this feature is not provided by OPNSense.
In case there's a way to set this up by using the gateway down mechanism, I would appreciate some pointers on the how to.

Thanks for taking notice. Keep up the good work!

EDIT: I've created an issue in github for these features (except the one for the up/down scripts, because I believe it is not related to tinc).