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Title: Traffic Shapping / bandwith
Post by: tsystem on December 13, 2016, 09:46:09 pm

i'm a newby in OPNsense world and ahve try to write in the french forum ( https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=4071.0 (https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=4071.0)) but it's not easy to get answer  ::) so, maybe can help me in english.
I just need a validation on my configuration to be sure it's working the same way that i imagine it .

So, as traffic shapper can't use aliases, i'm working with subnet to create groupe and integrated it easly in rules...

network: 192.168.192/20 and groups :    group A = et  group B =

Pipes :
   - PipeDown 48 Mbps :   bandwidth : 48 / Metric : Mbps / mask : (vide) / CoDel : non / desc : PipeDown 48Mbps
   - PipeUp 48 Mbps :   bandwidth : 48 / Metric : Mbps / mask : (vide) / CoDel : non / desc : PipeUp 48Mbps

Queue :
   - A queue down            pipe:PipeDown 48Mbps      weight:40
   - B queue down            pipe:PipeDown 48Mbps      weight:40
   - email queue down      pipe:PipeDown 48Mbps      weight:20
   - A queue up         pipe:PipeUp 48Mbps      weight:40
   - B queue up         pipe:PipeUp 48Mbps      weight:40
   - email queue up   pipe:PipeUp 48Mbps      weight:20

Rules :
   (avec : interface wan / proto:ip / src-port : any / destination:any / dst-port : any )
   - A rule down      src:      target: A queue down
   - A rule up            src:      target: A queue up
   - B rule down      src:      target: B queue down
   - B rule up            src:      target: B queue up
   (avec : interface wan / proto:ip / source : any / destination:any / dst-port : any )
   - email smtp down      src-port: smtp         target: email queue down
   - email pop down      src-port: pop3         target: email queue down
   - email smtp up      src-port: smtp         target: email queue up
   - email pop up         src-port: pop3         target: email queue up

So my questions with this conf :

if evry one load the connection, group A get 40%, group B the same thing  and 20% for the emails services, right ?
If only group A use the bandwith, are they limited to 19 Mbps or can they use the full bandwith ?

and now , if i add a group C (192.168.194/24) without rules, what appends ?

I hope my requests are clear, let me know if you have questions.  :-[

Thanks for your help
Mr :)
Title: Re: Traffic Shapping / bandwith
Post by: mcthr0 on January 25, 2017, 12:44:00 pm
Hi sir good eve...
I'm newbie in opnsense...
my concern is how can I shapping my games ,  browser and download/others,..

Lets say like this...

My Game traffics is 3500Kbps
My Browsing is      1000Kbps
and Others is        500Kbps

can you make me a tutorials please
thanks you.... for help and support...