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Title: [SOLVED] using opnsense to route between virtual networks
Post by: rxp1970 on December 13, 2016, 01:24:47 am
Hello Everyone,
First let me apologize if this question has been asked, however does anyone have details on how to route between internal virtual networks? (setting up opnsense to be an internal LAN router between subnets)

More info:
  I have hyper-v/ESXi hosts on my network and I would like to route between various "host based" networks on through to my internal LAN  (10.0.0.x/24) which has a gateway of out to the internet.  I don't want to confuse the issue, however my goal is to replace some of the current routers on my network with opnsense hardware/software eventually.

In short... I simply want to use pfsense as "internal routers" between internal networks (not vlans..but separate address spaces.)  I've been googling on this for the past 2 days and have not found the details on how to do this on my own.

with a default install where LAN/WAN are defined I am able to ping outbound to everything on my LAN from a LAN I've defined within HyperV...but I cannot ping inbound. I've configured the external asus FW on my LAN to forward traffic for network 192.168.2.x to the LAN IP assigned to the opnsense FW (, however a tracert fails to forward the packet there.

Again I am new to opnsense and trying to make it my standard router/FW for my home lab network. 

for example here's the 1 network I've setup in hyperV (VMware next  ;D )

hyperv-net -> LAN (10.0.0.x) -> Comcast router (192.168.0.x) -> Internet

(host 192.168.2.x)...can ping to internet and reach everything outbound (sweet!!!) just nothing inbound

Any advice (or better yet documents on how to do LAN/LAN routing) 

P.S.  opnsense has a beautiful interface and I look forward to learning more about this wonderful platform...thanks to the scholars and magicians that made this possible!  It seems to just work if you want wan/lan and I am sure these issues are just needed info on my part.

Title: Re: (newbie) using opnsense to route between virtual networks (resolved)
Post by: rxp1970 on December 13, 2016, 02:36:00 am
I got the issue resolved, had to set a rule on the WAN interface and I am not able to access machines on the tenant network.  I think this is the wrong section to post this question for that my apologies.