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Title: Suricata and Intel 10G NICs ixl driver
Post by: dhboyd on November 17, 2016, 08:30:27 pm
Does anyone have Suricata running inline using Intel 10G NICs that utilize the ixl driver?  If I turn on Suricata on just the WAN, it starts, but passes no traffic.  If I apply it to my LAN interface (the WAN and the LAN ports are on the same dual-port card in the server), Suricata refuses to start with the following errors in the log:

kernel: 243.641388 [1423] netmap_mem_rings_create Cannot allocate buffers for rx_ring
kernel: 243.640569 [ 683] netmap_new_bufs no more buffers after 1022 of 1024
kernel: 243.639788 [ 518] netmap_obj_malloc no more netmap_buf objects

My server is a Dell R530 dual-processor server, with 32G of memory and the 10G Intel X710 dual port NIC - yes, I'm trying to pass a lot of traffic...