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Title: Get host mac/ip/hostname from dns server (freeipa)
Post by: zelogik on August 16, 2016, 01:40:01 pm

For the moment the only way I have found to work is to put static lease/dns on both server (freeipa and opnsense), but it's ugly and "stupid" and almost impossible to sync.

Have somebody already found a way to take info (host information/mac address/static ip lease) from a ldap server (freeipa for my case), and sync it with the dhcp server(opnsense) and the corresponding ip for that hostname.
The only option I can see is the: "LDAP URI" line in the dhcp server on opnsense, but there is no doc/howto at all on that option.

To resume,is a way to sync ip/mac/hostname/dns between a ldap server (freeipa) and a dhcp server (opnsense) is possible?

I hope, i was understandable.
Thanks for any help/link... after many hour I can't found anything on the web.