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Title: Basic network performance test
Post by: MrCCL on July 27, 2016, 03:34:59 pm
OPNsense device:
OPNsense ver:  16.7.r2
CPU:       Atom D510 (1.6Ghz), DDR2 667Mhz
Chipset:  Intel ICH9R Chipset
NICs:      2 x Intel 82574L 1GBs
Disk:       OPNsense installed on USB flash key. But I created a 600MB ramdisk

I've  made some simple file transfers using plain FTP to test FreeBSD on the above board.
I'm using the native ftpd server. Files are read/write to/from the ramdisk.

On the LAN side I get these number:
Download: 75MB/s (CPU usage 50%)
Upload:      32MB/s (CPU usage 20%)

On the WAN side:
Download: 63MB/s (CPU usage 50%)
Upload:      15MB/s (CPU usage 20%)

I'm not happy about the CPU usage....this is unencrypted plain FTP!
Neither happy about the upload speed.

Upload have a big impact on the system even though the CPU usage is only "20%". The web-gui locks up. Even the SSH console freeze sometimes.

Maybe a driver problem? But the LAN download performance is rather ok, although again the CPU usage is to high.

Did anyone else made a plan data-transfer test like mine?

New test 2:
Installed a clean original FreeBSD 10.3
Download: 103MB/s
Update: 41MB/s
But still 20-50% cpu usage.

Using iperf3, now I get more than 100MB/s both ways...I guess it was a ftp-client-server issue then :-)