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Title: Introducing the Supported Edition
Post by: jschellevis on July 25, 2016, 06:56:55 pm
Hi everyone,

As 16.7 is almost upon us i'd like to introduce the upcoming supported version to you all; OPNsense Supported Edition.

Support Version Introduction

We as the OPNsense team are proud of the project's rapid development, but realize that our business users do not always appreciate fast-paced release cycles and growing complexity of stable updates. To better support them, we will introduce an additional version somewhere within the next few months, which will use a more conservative approach: This version will use the same technology and code as our normal version, but will incorporate fewer changes and therefore focus more on bug fixes and security patches.

The supported edition is indented for companies who want to have more assurance that new features have been tested in the field for a longer period of time. As the name states it comes with support and includes optional services such as managed updates.

In essence it is an extension of our existing support services and in the future will allow us to supply our customers with commercial plugins that are otherwise impossible to provide without proper funding, such as a central management solution.

Jos Schellevis
OPNsense core team