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Title: Status update: 16.7-RC and the challenges ;)
Post by: franco on June 28, 2016, 07:45:01 pm
Hello everyone,

Sorry that it's been so quiet, but the holiday season has taken its toll on all of us. And not in the worst ways. ;)

We're currently working on finalising the RC, and the roadmap checkpoints look good:


That leaves us with the duty of releasing 16.1.x alongside of an RC image and the inherent ability to upgrade said RC image to 16.7 when the times comes. The latter has been a bit challenging for the simple fact that we're doing this for the first time, but we've been able to sort out a plan which will hopefully be carried out on Friday this week.

There will be images for 16.7-RC for OpenSSL and the upgrades will be OpenSSL only until we hit the final 16.7. The decision was made to simplify the RC track and the work load associated. Whether or not 16.1.x will be continued beyond 16.1.18 on Wednesday is a simple matter of pressing security updates. It can happen, but it doesn't have to. That'll help focus on the finishing touches for a grand 16.7.

A resounding "thank you" for all of your support, prodding, discussions and review. We could not have gotten thus far without each one of you: Thank you! :)

Franco on behalf of the OPNsense team