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Title: Performance issue on some webpages - how to analyse
Post by: bringha on June 10, 2016, 12:04:25 pm
Hello together,

I am facing currently on some web pages a very poor performance up to that they are not be shown at all in any browser of the network (LAN). Example ist eg www.lumas.de or also postbank.de. Commonality to these sites is
but others with the same pattern work fine.

My Opnsense runs in a XEN VM. I am using unbound on the opnsense box as primary DNS resolver, being connected to OpenDNS and Google DNS Servers. Config on all of the opnsense box interfaces is
Code: [Select]
media: Ethernet manual
status: active

No pecularity in the logs of the opnsense box. I correlate this behavior time wise  to the update to 16.1.14, getting slowly worse over time.

My config is a fritz box accessing the internet and being connected to the WAN interface in opnsense, running dual stack ipv4 and ipv6. All clients in the LAN (mobile and fixed) showing the same behavior for the same sites with the different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Even if the problem page appears after a while, its mostly incomplete, elements are missing. I assumed an misconfig or anything like this in MTU, but so far I found no evidence for this ..

What I could find out so far:

Has somebody an idea how such an issue can be systematically analysed further, eg with some diag tools on opnsense or client?

I am looking forward to any kind of ideas and tips.

Thanks for your support

Br br